General Questions

The State of Oregon updates their missing persons list about once per week. It’s fairly irregular, so we have our programs check twice a day. Lane County Missing makes updates to our list as often as we receive new information.
The status field of information is an indicator for whether a person is currently missing or not. The following explains the different status’ that can be shown:

  • MISSING – The person is currently missing.
  • FOUND (PENDING) – We’ve been told that the person has been found, but it’s not official.
  • FOUND (SAFE) – The person has been found and is safe.
  • FOUND (DECEASED) – The person has been found and is deceased.
  • UNKNOWN/NO LONGER MISSING – The person’s name has come off the official state list, but we don’t know their disposition or circumstances.

Missing Persons Report

You should always file an official report with your local law enforcement agency first. That will get the missing person on the Oregon State Police list which we sync with regularly. The amount of time it takes to get on the official OSP list varies and can be anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks. This is why we encourage folks to file an UNOFFICIAL report with us. We typically post submitted persons within 12 hours.
There is no waiting period to report a missing person in Oregon. If you are concerned, file a report immediately.