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Published originally by The Eugene Weekly

I have a confession to make: I’m a junky for Lane County Missing Uncensored — a massive, sprawling, closed-group Facebook page revolving around the spectacle of daily mugshot postings released to the public by Lane County law enforcement and other nearby jurisdictions.

I’m not proud. I have an addictive personality, and something about the site — its raw, adrenalized hit of unreconstructed civic collapse from the street level — makes me feel giddy and dirty and kind of sick at the same time.

I’m a junky for Lane County Missing Uncensored

Along with the daily mugshots, which freeze alleged suspects in various poses of defeat, defiance and degeneracy, Lane County Missing Uncensored features the spontaneous and unreconstructed posts of site members who assume, somewhat recklessly, the role of amateur reporters cranking out copy on issues of law and disorder throughout the community.

The site also offers reposts from local law enforcement as well as crime reports from media sources such as KVAL and The Register-Guard.

Whenever I recognize a face that pops up in a daily mugshot feed — which happens surprisingly often, thanks to the particular crowd I run in — my first thought is: “Damn, girl, you look like hell. Guess you got what you had coming, eh?” My next thought is: “Poor fucker.” And then I blast myself for my uncharitable and superior attitude, as I attempt to channel a more spiritual generosity toward the fall of humanity.  Read the rest of the story here..


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